Viruses "Popdust"

Magnetic Eye Records

Viruses "Popdust" [MER018] released January 22, 2013

01. Glow (Forever Fangs) 

02. Monstra in the Metro

03. Lago d'Orta

04. Theory of Everything

05. Landmines

06. Earth Family Immortal

07. Revanans

08. Glow (Forever Fangs) [Redux]

09. Peach

10. Revanans [Redux]

Full length debut featuring vocalist R. DiDonna collaborating with other usual suspects delivering a genre-bending debut for fans of Zach Hill, Head Automatica and the like. MER018 Viruses "Popdust" is due out Tuesday, January 22, 2013. "In the end, as in the beginning, we are all sound".